Chilling News for Fridge Freezers

Freezers worst offenders for energy consumption

Over-consuming freezers image by Interior Design (via Shutterstock).

“…and Bully’s Special Prize…” the set of electrical appliances including an over-consuming fridge freezer. Image by Interior Design (via Shutterstock).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we need to break this story gently. If you have a fridge freezer, your chances of cutting your energy bills are slim, unless you switch the thing off. At the start of this month, a study by BRE (Building Research Establishment) discovered that fridge freezers consume more electricity than any other electrical appliance in the home.

It was revealed that bog-standard fridge freezers consumed 9% of electricity. Quite a sizeable chunk compared with home entertainment systems, central heating, and phone chargers. Through detailed market research, this took into account:

  • The number of occupants in the home;
  • The age, type, and location of appliances in their homes;
  • The occupants’ shopping habits;
  • How manuals are used and how each product is maintained;
  • Levels of over-consumption.

They also asked the participants if they were interested in changing the way they used their electrical appliances. Throughout the survey, the way we used our fridge freezers was a deciding factor in terms of over-consumption. The biggest culprit was the fast freeze and temperature settings. Another one was capacity: in other words, how our freezers were during the survey. This also covered:

  • Where we bought our appliances from;
  • The age of our electrical goods;
  • The capacity of our fridge freezers;
  • How often we changed the temperature setting; and,
  • How many times we opened and closed the fridge freezer doors.

To conduct the survey, participants had data logging devices in their homes. One example was the (delightfully named) Watts Up PRO energy logger. This was attached to refrigerators. To get an accurate picture, a variety of cold appliances were tested: upright and chest freezers, and refrigerators with separate iceboxes were covered.

For further details on the survey, you can go to GOV.UK and download the Study of Over-Consuming Household Cold Appliances final report. If you’re looking for a chilling read, this could make a Stephen King novel seem like the adventures of Mr Bump.

BrightSparx London, 20 March 2017.

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