For Sale: Two Wind Powered Orkney islands

Yours for just £300,000: two islands with a six bedroom bungalow and its own wind powered electricity generator

Stromness harbour view

A view of Stromness on your doorstep, if you move to the Holms of Stromness with its wind powered generator. Image by Colombo Nicola (via Shutterstock).

On the property ladder, what would £300,000 get you in London? A flat? Unrivalled access to the tube and bus network? If you moved to the Orkney Islands, three hundred grand could get you two islands and a six bedroom bungalow. With its own wind powered generator. We kid you not!

Seen in the Property and Home section of the London Evening Standard, your £300k gets you both Inner and Outer Holms of the Holms of Stromness. The bungalow itself has four bedrooms with a two-bedroom annexe. There are impressive views and the wind powered generator means you needn’t worry too much about the electricity going out.

The Holms of Stromness mark the entrance of the Orkney town’s natural harbour, which is a short boat ride away. All a world away from the hustle and bustle of our city. It is available for sale via Low’s Solicitors.

Bright Sparx London, 16 January 2017.

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