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Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) London – Bright Sparx

A Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) is a very useful check when buying a house to check if it requires any updating or rewiring prior to purchase. A visual inspection to verify whether the property has current earthing arrangements present and cables are PVC (not rubber/lead), that the consumer units have RCD protection for final circuits and present for outdoor circuits, It has correct overload protection for circuits

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

BrightSparx London have been carrying out PAT Testing in London for many years to commercial and domestic clients. To check any portable appliances that have 13amp plugs on, for insurance purposes and personal safety issues.

An EICR is required when leaving appliances in rented properties and when appliances are taken into hall of residence or for checking appliances after a flood or fire damage. Many landlords require you to have your equipment PAT tested, for safety reasons. If you’re not renting, you can still have a PAT Test, just for peace of mind that your electrical devices are 100% Safe.

An EICR is also important for Health and Safety compliance in the workplace. An EICR with our electrician ensures your electrical devices meet the standards as set out by health and safety laws.

Non-compliance with the mentioned health and safety legislation can result in fines up to £5,000 and/or six months’ imprisonment. In cases the penalty has been up to £20,000 and above; along with in places two years’ imprisonment. While an EICR isn’t legally required, it is extremely beneficial for you to have all your devices tested by our qualified Wandsworth Electrician, and know you’re compliant with the law. For expert and professional PAT testing London wide get in touch with us today on 07811 131 605.